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Radiation Detectors Nearly Set at W.Va. Landfills

Department of Environmental Protection, DEP

  A state Department of Environmental Protection official says the installation of detectors is nearly complete at six West Virginia landfills that will accept low-level radioactive drilling waste from natural gas operations.

Legislation passed earlier this year required radiation monitoring of drill cuttings sent to landfills and overturned tonnage limits for those particular landfills.

The DEP then crafted emergency rules for radiation detector placement. Work on the rule started after a landfill without detectors was stopped from accepting radioactive materials determined to be slightly above background levels.

DEP Division of Water and Waste Management director Scott Mandirola says detectors will be in place at two landfills in Harrison County and one apiece in Brooke, Ohio, Wetzel and Wood counties. Loads of cuttings above a certain radiation level must be rejected.