Adam Harris Published

R.E.M. 25th Anniversary: We Want Your Stories!

For those who experienced it, Mountain Stage on April 28, 1991 was an unforgettable one to say the least. That day R.E.M., unquestionably one of the most popular bands at that time, emerged from a brief touring hiatus to perform on Mountain Stage in Charleston, WV.

It’s the stuff of legend. Nearly everyone we come across has some sort of memory from that night.

Of course our host Larry Groce and co-founders Andy Ridenour and Francis Fisher were there and most of our band and some of the crew still work for the show. But we want to hear from our audience- YOU folks who listened on radio or attended the show at the Capitol Plaza Theater.

Were ticket holders serenaded while waiting in line? What were the $20 tickets going for on the black market? Were members of R.E.M. spotted at Watt Powell Park?

In recognition of the 25th anniversary of that show, we’re asking for your perspective. Fill out the form, be as honest as your memory allows, and we may contact you to tell your story for use on air or online. Know someone that was there? Send them this survey.<a data-cke-saved-href=”” href=””>Fill out my Wufoo form!</a>