Push & Vision for W.Va. Agriculture in 2018


On The Legislature Today, host Andrea Lannom chats with West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt on the role agriculture plays in diversifying the state’s economy. We also hear the latest on the debate over Public Employees Insurance Agency issues.

Breakdown of the Interview with Commissioner Leonhardt:

  • Overall look at the agriculture industry in West Virginia
  • Veterans to Agriculture program
  • Agriculture’s role in economic diversification
  • SB 270 – limited logging in state parks
  • SB 375 – some flexibility with agriculture funds
  • SB 317 – burdens on producers and agribusinesses 
  • Goals and Initiatives for 2018:
    • Economic impact study to develop strategic plan for agriculture
    • Push for more local food
    • Rebranding the Dept. of Agriculture
  • Maple syrup industry in West Virginia

Also in this episode, both the House and Senate passed resolutions to proclaim Feb. 7 as Veterans Visibility Day at the Capitol. It was also Agriculture and Conservation Day at the Capitol. Reporter Roxy Todd brings us a story where veterans and agriculture intersect in a very effective program.

Complaints over PEIA were center-stage on the House floor again. A motion to discharge HB 4346, which would repeal the PEIA Finance Board, was voted down. Addressing the anger and frustration of teachers and public employees over upcoming increases in their health insurance costs, House Majority Leader Daryl Cowles, R-Morgan, introduced House Resolution 5. The non-binding measure asks the PEIA Finance Board to table its plan for 2019 and return to the current year’s plan while proposed changes for the upcoming year can be studied.

Senior Reporter Dave Mistich brings us a breakdown of House action.

Join us again on Feb. 8 as we chat with Secretary of the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety Jeff Sandy.

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