Curtis Tate Published

Provision In Manchin's Bill Could Bring Clean Energy Jobs To State


U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin held a roundtable in Charleston Friday to talk about the Inflation Reduction Act.

The sweeping energy and climate policy bill, which Manchin helped craft with congressional Democrats, expands the 48(c) tax credit for clean energy manufacturing.

It sets aside $4 billion exclusively for coal communities — those that previously had mining or power plant activity.

President Joe Biden signed the legislation on Tuesday, with Manchin present.

Brandon Dennison, founder and CEO of Coalfield Development, said the provision could bring new investment and jobs to southern West Virginia.

“I’ve had more interest from the private sector, manufacturing sector, in the past year, with an eye toward this passing, than I did in the previous 11,” he said.

As an example, Dennison said, Solar Holler would be able to double the size of its business.