Proponent, Opponent Discuss Proposed Privatization of State Foster Care System


On this A bill to modify West Virginia’s foster care system – House Bill 2010 – would transition the system to a managed care model. The issue has sparked debate at the statehouse and the state. On last night’s episode of “The Legislature Today,” Health Reporter Kara Lofton brought both sides of the issue together to have a discussion about the bill and ways to meet in the middle.

Lofton spoke with Amy Kennedy Rickman, of West Virginia Necco, and Kristen O’Sullivan, of Our Children Our Future.

Also on today’s show, according to West Virginia’s Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation, nearly 10,000 people are locked up in the state’s corrections system. Most of them will be released, and need to reintegrate into society.  Wheeling Jesuit University recently hosted an event to talk about the challenges of reentry. Corey Knollinger reports.

And singer-songwriter Amy Ray has been a member of beloved folk-duo Indigo Girls for more than 30 years, and has released several albums of her own material since 2001. She brings her band and songs from her latest release, “Holler,” to this week’s broadcast of Mountain Stage, including our Song of the Week, “Sure Feels Good Anyhow.”

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