Jessica Lilly Published

Power Crews Ready for Winter Storm

Power crews are moving into the region along with the latest winter storm.

In a release, Appalachian Power said nearly 100 contractors and employees moved into areas expected to experience the most severe effects of the storm.

Phil Wright, Appalachian Power’s vice president of distribution operations said in the release that colder temperatures and a lack of wind are expected to work in the power company’s favor to limit wide-spread outages.

Wright said about 32 contractors will be staged in Princeton, strategically located to respond where needed on Thursday. Sixty line mechanics are in the Roanoke area, where some of the heaviest snow is predicted.

If the additional help is not needed once the storm passes,extra crews will remain on standby to assist other utilities.

Preparing for an outage

AEP says customers should charge cell phones and have a mobile charger for their automobiles.

Customers can prepare for outages by assembling an emergency kit to include:

  • flashlights
  • fresh batteries
  • battery-powered radios or televisions
  • candles, matches, or lighters
  • water for drinking and cooking
  • portable heater (oil or gas)
  • camping equipment (sleeping bags, camp stoves, lanterns)
  • canned goods and a manual can opener
  • manufacturers’ instructions for power-operated equipment such as the garage door