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Pick Three Songs And Guest DJ For Eclectopia

You get to tell the Eclectopia audience why you picked these three songs. Imagine it: a warm summer evening, your golden voice streaming across the airwaves to greet happy and curious listeners. Don't be shy. I've got you covered.

Eclectopia host Jim Lange here. The question I get most frequently is: when are you going to do the guest DJ thing again?

The answer is now (and thus arose a joyous sound).

Here are the guidelines:

1. Listen to Eclectopia Fridays at 10 PM and Saturdays at 11 PM on WVPB Radio. Sorry, my editor told me to promote my show here.

2. Pick THREE songs.

Yes, this is where most people give up. “How can I pick just three?” Of course, it’s impossible to narrow it down to just three, but I’m giving you a set. See playlist below.

3. Make sure the total length is under 12 minutes. 

Air time is precious in a 59 minute program.

4. Email me your choices.

Once you’ve wrestled with the three, email me at jlange@wvpublic.org. Simple as that. I take care of the rest. As I say, all reasonable requests will be carefully considered.

5. I Email you back, we arrange a time to record you.

Ay, there’s the rub again. I can’t think of single person who, upon hearing their own voice for the first time, actually liked it. I was the same way. You’ll be fine.

6. Get Started. Here’s a playlist to help.


Credit Photo by Jim Lange.
A typical playlist. You get a set all to yourself.

Get thinking. Narrow your choices down. Email me and let’s get this rolling.

Good luck!

Eclectopia airs Fridays at 10 PM on WVPB Radio, with an encore Saturdays at 11 PM.