Joni Deutsch Published

Pick the Playlist for A Change of Tune's Birthday!


Since July 2014, A Change of Tune has vowed to never play the same exact song twice. Why? Because we like the challenge of playing new and exciting music each week, not to mention the fact that we want to give our listeners a music discovery experience every time they listen.


But this weekend, we’re flipping the script.

To celebrate A Change of Tune’s first birthday, we’re asking listeners for their favorite tunes from past shows. That’s right, we’re going to give A Change of Tune’s best tunes a #SecondSpin on this Saturday’s broadcast. And we even want to give you a “party favor” in return.


Everyone who makes a (past show playlist) song request between now and noon Friday (whether the song’s played on air or not) will be put into a drawing to win an exclusive swag bag, filled with music that’s been featured on the program, public radio memorabilia and limited edition A Change of Tune posters.


You can find A Change of Tune’s past show playlists on our WVPB page or on our Spotify page (you can check out individual show playlists or our A Change of Tune- Year 1 mega-compilation, which is partially featured in the web player below).


Song requests can be tweeted to @achangeoftune with the hashtag #SecondSpin, posted to A Change of Tune’s Instagram and/or left on A Change of Tune’s Facebook. You can request as many (past show playlist) songs as you like, but there will only be one drawing entry per person.


Make sure to tune in Saturday at 10pm EST to hear the most requested songs, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to find out if you’ve won the swag bag drawing (which will be announced Saturday night after the program’s finale).


Most importantly, thank you for tuning in to A Change of Tune over the last year. We’ve done a lot these past 12 months, from chatting with Larry Groce about his time with Mickey Mouse to having Yeasayer’sAnand Wilder as our first celebrity guest host and even playing that controversial Miley Cyrus/Serial mashup on the program. Trust us, we’re just getting started, but we can only do it with your support.


If you like A Change of Tune and want to keep indie/alternative/eclectic music on West Virginia airwaves, pledge your support for the show with a $5 or $10 contribution. No matter the amount, your support will help keep this show alive and kicking for the years to come.


In conclusion, check out our past show playlists, tell us your #SecondSpin picks and tune in Saturday night for a big ol’ birthday bash. See you then!