Dave Mistich Published

New NPR Chief Visits West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Talks Future of Public Radio


NPR has a new president and CEO.  Jarl Mohn was once a music DJ, but he says he has a passion for  public radio. That’s why he chaired Southern California Public Radio after making his career in cable TV as President and CEO of E-Entertainment Television.

Mohn and friend (and pilot and Los Angeles County Museum of Art director) Michael Govan finished their “Low and Slow” tour with a visit to West Virginia Public Broadcasting on Wednesday. The two traveled by small aircraft from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., making stops at public radio stations and art museums across the country.  

Mohn met with Public Broadcasting employees and board members to discuss his vision for public radio and some of the challenges he faces.

"The other things we can do on the fundraising front to get away from the pledge drives which most people dread, inside the radio stations and outside the radio stations is to do a nationwide capital campaign.  It's never been done at NPR with the stations to raise a lot of money, so that there can be less of a focus on pledge drives."  – Jarl Mohn, President and CEO, NPR

And, of course, Mohn took the time to pose with some West Virginia Public Broadcasting staff for #selfieswithjarl.