Jim Lange Published

New Music Concert – Kanawha Forum 2.0


Flutist Lindsey Goodman is full of energy.

When I called her a dynamo, at first she looked puzzled, but I explained that I meant that she was full of enthusiasm, energy and drive. Just hearing about her performing and teaching schedule makes me want to take a nap.

But she is more than just a person with enthusiasm. She is a professional musician on a mission. This mission is her passion since she was 18 years old. Her mission is contemporary music.

Say “contemporary” music and some people, metaphorically, run screaming out of the room. Some of them still do it literally, but with all the variety in today’s music, the days of “Train Wrecks in C Sharp Minor” are mostly music of the past.

"New music is my life's calling. I firmly believe that if there's no music of the present, there can be no music of tomorrow."

There is no unified school of thought in this new millennium, no “ism” that can adequately summarize the style of concert music today. It’s a wide range of sounds, procedures and compositional choices.

WVSO flutist Lindsey Goodman has put together a new music series in cooperation with Kanawha United Presbyterian Church in Charleston.  The three concert series featuring a variety of contemporary works is called Kanawha Forum 2.0.

Here’s Lindsey to talk about it: