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New Deal in Charges Against Kanawha Prosecutor


Kanawha County’s prosecutor has agreed to a new deal to resolve misdemeanor domestic charges against him.
The agreement requires Mark Plants to participate in a batterer intervention program in Putnam County.
Plants’ attorney, Jim Cagle, and special prosecutor Sid Bell agreed to the deal on Tuesday.
Bell had said earlier that Plants wasn’t eligible for a previous pre-trial diversion agreement.
Plants is charged with domestic battery and violating a protective order to stay away from his ex-wife, Allison Plants, and their children. Prosecutors say Plants hit one of his sons more than 10 times with a leather belt on Feb. 22.
The charges would be dismissed if Plants completes the intervention program.
Plants says he plans to remain as prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Kanawha County commission president Kent Carper says this matter will be thoroughly discussed at the commission meeting on Thursday. Carper says since Plants cannot prosecute any cases involving domestic violence and child abuse due to conflict of interest, a special prosecutor had to be hired for those cases. Carper says while Plants is in pre-trial monitoring, the special prosecutor could cost the county up to 300 thousand dollars.