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Museum Showcases Relics From Hatfield & McCoy Feud

Sid Hatfield

Hatfields and McCoys mingle peacefully in the mountainous region where their families waged one of America’s most famous feuds.

Now a museum near the Kentucky-West Virginia border is showcasing artifacts bringing the feud back to life. The Hatfield McCoy Country Museum opens Friday in Williamson, West Virginia.

The museum’s curator, Bill Richardson, says exhibits include bullets fired by the warring families, a gun found at a battle site and fragments of Randolph McCoy’s cabin, destroyed by the Hatfields in an infamous 1888 New Year’s attack.

Richardson says the museum will house the largest collection of Hatfield and McCoy relics.

Courtney Quick McCoy says she’ll probably have goosebumps when she looks at relics from her family’s feud with the Hatfields.

To show how the truce has stuck, she’s a business partner with a Hatfield.