Eric Douglas Published

Most W.Va. Voters Chose Election Day To Cast Ballots

Voters in Los Angeles County, Calif., cast their ballots in 2012.

Results from the May 10 Primary Election have been officially certified in all 55 counties and Secretary of State Mac Warner formally published those official results.

There were 1,680 precincts open for in-person voting on Election Day with more than 8,500 trained poll workers. A total of 260,274 voters cast a ballot, which accounts for just 23 percent of the 1,135,601 registered voters.

Tucker County had the highest turnout with 44 percent while Pendleton County was at the other end of the spectrum with just 11 percent of registered voters taking part.

Voter participation:

  • 192,276 in-person on Election Day
  • 62,283 in-person Early Voting
  • 5,651 absentee ballots by mail
  • 40 absentee ballots by mobile device – military and overseas citizens
  • 24 absentee ballots by mobile device – disability qualified

West Virginia’s Republican, Democratic, and in some races, Mountain Parties nominated their candidates for the Nov. 8 General Election in the state primary. The Mountain and Libertarian parties will nominate candidates by convention, and have until August 1 to notify the Secretary of State of their nominees for the General Election.
The General Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.

Results by state, county, and precinct can be found at or by clicking here.