Glynis Board Published

Morgantown Talks Urban Agriculture Policy


A group called the Morgantown Municipal Green Team will host a Community Dialogue on Urban Agriculture next week.

Morgantown is taking a note from Charleston which recently revamped their urban ag policies.

The goal of the urban agriculture dialogue is to gather stakeholders and citizens interested in local production of agricultural products, and to review city regulations of agricultural activities within the City of Morgantown. It was initiated largely by Morgantown City Council members who visited the Charleston area and learned about their city’s agriculture initiatives.

Market Manager of the Morgantown and Westover Farmers Markets, Lisa Lagana, says urban farmers already exist in Morgantown, and there’s plenty of data to suggest growing interest. She hopes the discussion ultimately shapes policy that will serve the specific needs of her community. Possible items to discuss might include raising chickens or livestock, beekeeping, and composting.

The benefits of urban agriculture include everything from encouraging healthier lifestyles, to a more robust local economy, and reductions in vandalism and crime.

The Urban Ag round table will take place 6:00–7:30pm at the downtown public library (373 Spruce Street).

For more information, contact Pamela Cubberly at 703-218-5417 or Lisa Lagana, Market Manager of the Farmers Market, at 304-993-2410.