Chris Schulz Published

Morgantown First Responders Vote ‘No Confidence’ In City Administration


First responders in Morgantown have held a vote of no confidence in the city council.

Members of firefighters’ union IAFF Local 313 and the police union Mon Preston FOP Lodge 87 have voted “no confidence” in the Morgantown City Administration.

A vote of no confidence is a vote in which members of a group are asked if they support

the person or group in power, usually in government.

In a press release, firemen cited a yearslong lawsuit with the city over holiday pay for their vote of no confidence. Police cited “recent administrative attacks on the police” including the city’s attempt to create a civilian review board.

The vote comes on the heels of an effort started this summer to recall all members of the city council, as well as a recent controversy around whether the city manager lives in Morgantown.