Mooove! Cows Block Train Tracks In West Virginia

Cattle farmers are seeing increased local demand amid the pandemic.

Trains had to be stopped along a stretch in southern West Virginia as authorities tried to coax three cows off of railroad tracks.

The cows appeared on the tracks in the city of Bluefield on Monday evening, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported.

Witness Angie Sharp said the cows came from a wooded area and made their way down a street into downtown Bluefield.

Bluefield police used a livestock trailer to try to corral the cows. The cows broke away at one point before being herded back toward the trailer. Onlookers snapped photos and videos of the cows from across the tracks near Bluefield State College.

Officers finally caught the cows after darkness fell, the newspaper reported.

Mercer County dispatchers said Norfolk Southern halted train traffic in the area while the chase was on.