Caroline MacGregor Published

Milton Declines Purchase Offer From W.Va. American Water

Water pouring from a faucet into a clear glass cup.Jasonanaggie/Wikimedia Commons

An offer from West Virginia American Water to purchase the city of Milton’s water system was rejected by city lawmakers Tuesday.

In February, West Virginia American Water made a formal offer to purchase the town’s water system for $13 million. During a public hearing Tuesday night the city voted unanimously against that offer.

Milton Mayor Tom Canterbury said the city’s water has experienced fewer problems since they started flushing hydrants twice a year. He blamed bouts of dirty or cloudy water, on air getting into the system.

Some residents present at the meeting said selling to American Water would result in a corporate monopoly and higher rates.

Last month the city purchased almost five million gallons of water from West Virginia American Water to supplement its supplies.

Currently the city’s aging water system is managed by Milton Water which expects to raise rates in the near future.