Ashton Marra Published

McKinley Talks Policy Over Politics, Are the Races Over? Manchin Says Not All


Congressman David McKinley’s race for re-election has seen little noise from his Democratic challenger state Auditor Glen Gainer. In an earlier episode of Viewpoint, Gainer called his campaign a truly “grassroots effort,” but McKinley doesn’t seem threatened by the challenge.

In his interview, instead of politics, McKinley focuses on the policies he’s backed in Washington and the work he intends to take on during his next term. He wants to convince Washington to support rural jobs and access to healthcare.

Sen. Joe Manchin will soon become the senior member of West Virginia’s Senate delegation. He says it’s not too late for his fellow Democratic candidates Nick Casey and Alex Mooney, but it will be up to the voters to turn out in support of Secretary of State Natalie Tennant to reverse what the polls show is a 20 point deficit. 

Dave Mistich previews West Virginia Public Radio’s Election Night coverage and its new digital platform that will include a live blog and district maps that will update with the latest poll results from the Associated Press.