Liz McCormick Published

Martinsburg Veterans Center Touts Its Short Wait Time


VA Hospitals across the country have been criticized for long wait times and not being accessible enough to veterans. But officials at the VA Medical Center in Martinsburg say they are serving veterans in a timely manner.

The Martinsburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center held a round table with media Tuesday to discuss what the center is working on – new programs, long term care, mental healthcare, and more.

Medical Center Director, Timothy Cooke says the Martinsburg VA ranks above the national average for accessibility. He says over 98% of veterans who come to the Martinsburg VA are seen within 30 days.

Cooke also says the VA is quickly developing its women’s health clinic with a focus on military sexual trauma. He says its homeless outreach and its in-home care are developing as well.

“It’s very hard sometimes for the veteran and the staff to hear the stories that are out there nationally, because they do see a difference. They do see that there is outstanding care being delivered,” Cooke noted.

Every three months, Cooke says the VA holds, “Town Hall” meetings where he invites veterans to come together and voice concerns and questions to the VA staff.