Elisa Schwartzmiller Published

Manchin and Toomey Could Be Teaming Up (Again) to Discuss Tighter Gun Regulations


West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin says he plans to meet with GOP Sen. Pat Toomey to discuss gun control legislation they have collaborated on in the past. 

Back in 2012, Manchin teamed up with Toomey on a bill that would have expanded requirements for criminal background checks for gun buyers. 

Their bi-partisan bill failed twice in the Senate.

Following Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, Manchin says he and Toomey are once again meeting to discuss gun control.

However, Manchin says that he won’t reintroduce the bill, unless there is more widespread GOP support.

The conservative Democrat has been a supporter of both gun control and 2nd amendment rights.

Manchin says it will be up to the President to set the tone for a legislative response to the massacre in Las Vegas. Thus far, Trump has been noncommittal.