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Listen: The Appalachian Children's Chorus on WVPB


The choir director of the Appalachian Children’s Chorus has some heartwarming goals for her choir and for their upcoming concert this December. Artistic and Founding director Selina Midkiff says, “One of the things I want to do in my space is to create, first of all, a safe place for children–they are safe here. And then I want us to spread the joy and spread that feeling wherever we go.” Mrs. Midkiff says that these goals are accomplished not necessarily because of her but because of the atmosphere the children create. “Its been decades of these children building this environment.”

They have an upcoming concert exploring these ideas called “Peace, Joy, and Harmony” on December 8th at 4 PM at Charleston Baptist Temple. They’ll be singing beautiful selections such as “See Amid the Winter’s Snow” and fun songs like “Joy in Jerusalem”. Tickets are still available on their website.


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They also recently came to our studios here at WVPB to sing for us and talk to us about what they do to help gear us up for the holiday season. Mrs. Midkiff walked us through several great pieces and we got to hear from a couple of choristers about their experience in the Appalachian Children’s Chorus. Click the player below to check out the segment.