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Listen: Kim Richey On Mountain Stage


Our Song of the Week comes from acclaimed Nashville singer and songwriter Kim Richey, along with her band and San Francisco’s Chuck Prophet, who was a guest on this episode and also appears on Richey’s new album “Edgeland.” Here’s their duet, “Whistle On Occasion.”

We also shot a video of Kim and Chuck performing “Whistle On Occasion” on location at the state capitol grounds in Charleston, WV. You can see the video below via

(Cameras: Josh Edwards, Josh McComas, Courtney Holschuh, Edited by: Michael Valentine)

Hear Kim Richey‘s entire set on this week’s broadcast, a set from Chuck Prophet featuring the Mountain Stage Band, plus a blend of Latin and Appalachian with Che Apalache, West Virginia indie-rockers Ona, and West Africa’s Sidi Toure.

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Credit Brian Blauser/ Mountain Stage
A photo of this week’s finale song, lead by Larry Groce, featuring Kim Richey, Chuck Prophet, members of Ona, Sidi Toure and Che Apalache.