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Listen: Kat Edmonson has our Song of the Week


Our Mountain Stage Song of the Week comes from enchanting jazz and pop vocalist Kat Edmonson, who makes her third appearance on the show with songs from her album called “Old Fashioned Gal.” Accompanied by her band, here is Edmonson performing “I’d Be A Fool,” one of 11 songs she wrote for “Old Fashioned Gal.”

"And in the end, if I pretended I could love somebody new, Cause they reminded of you, I'd be a fool."


Credit Brian Blauser/ Mountain Stage
Vocalist and songwriter Kat Edmonson can be heard on this week’s broadcast of Mountain Stage.

You’ll hear more of  Kat Edmonson’s irresistable sound on this week’s episode, along with sets from rock and rollers NRBQ, roots-pop quartet Lindsay Lou, Kentucky-bred “Rhythm & Bluegrass” tunes from The Wooks, and a trip to the future as The Matchsellers present a sci-fi story of the Bluegrastronauts.

They’re all in live performance on this week’s broadcast via NPR stations.

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