Adam Harris Published

Listen: Cave Twins Have the Mountain Stage Song of the Week

David Mayfield & Abby Rose comprise the musical duo Cave Twins
Brian Blauser/ Mountain Stage

Ohio based duo Cave Twins, featuring David Mayfield on mandolin and Abby Rose on guitar, sing beautiful harmony on a heart felt dose of encouragment for our Song of the Week, “Keep on Singing.”

"Then life gets tough, and you've had enough And it brings it to your knees Open up a window and let the blues fly out on the wings of a melody- Keep on Singing"


Credit Brian Blauser/ Mountain Stage
Artists gather for the finale song on stage to end the show.

Hear the entire set from Cave Twins, plus live performances by Chely Wright, Michaela Anne, Andrew Combs and The Claudettes, on this week’s episode of Mountain Stage starting Friday, December 6.

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