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Lindsey Goodman Releases "Etereo" and Performs In-studio


WVSO Flutist, WVSU flute teacher, and new music advocate Lindsey Goodman has just released her third album this past week. Featuring all sorts of living composers, this CD stretches the boundaries of solo flute music as well as music for flute and electronics. The album starts off with the jazzy “Bleuz” by Josh Oxford, which at times reminds one of the flute singing by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. It moves through more stunning solo flute pieces until it hits flute and electronic piece “Butterfly Within” by Mara Helmuth. Goodman switch-hits on the Alto Flute during the third movement of Alla Elena Cohen’s “Three Duos for Alto Flute and Cello”. And finally, her Leviathan Trio makes an appearance in the final track “Flight 710 to Cabo San Lucas” with Hannah Presley on cello and Joseph Dangerfield on piano. 


Contents of the new “Etereo” CD by the Navona imprint from Parma Recordings

Goodman shared the album on the air with us while performing some selections live. She championed her passion for electronic music saying that if technology is an everyday part of her life, it should be an everyday part of her music. Having said that, she still understood the importance of solo flute music. She performed Oxford’s “Bleuz” and Bruce Babcock’s “Soliloquy” live on the air, following discussions of each work. 

Take a listen below to the interview and performance by Goodman in our WVPB studios. Then check out her album on Spotify and purchase it here


Credit Sharon Dunlap
Lindsey Goodman and Matt Jackfert posing with the new CD