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Libertarian Candidate Davy Jones Says He Will Represent Middle-Class In W.Va.'s 2nd District


Libertarian candidate, Davy Jones, is running for the 2nd  Congressional District seat against Rebublican Alex Mooney, Democrat Nick Casey, and Independent Ed Rabel. Jones lives in Martinsburg and is a political newcomer. He found his way into politics after doing IT work for the West Virginia Libertarian Party.

“I believe that government has gotten way too intrusive into everybody’s life, and gotten way too bloated, and the debt that they seem to be heaping on our children that have to pay it, is just outlandish,” said Jones, “So I’ve decided that I needed to do something about that, and that’s why I decided to run.”

Jones is running on a third party ticket, which could be difficult, but he thinks he’s got a great chance.

“I think people are tired of just what’s going on, and I don’t think parties matter to them at this point,” noted Jones, “I think they’re really looking for a candidate of character, rather than a candidate of this party or that party, and I bring that to this race.”

Where Does Davy Jones Stand in His Political Agenda?

  • He says he will listen to West Virginians’ concerns and make decisions accordingly.
  • He’s pro-coal, pro-energy, and pro-constitution.
  • He has a “live and let live” philosophy.
  • He supports gay marriage.
  • He comes from the middle-class.


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“I think that the big problem in politics today is that we’re electing people to represent us that can’t relate, that are wealthy, that come from an elitist group of people, and they can’t represent the average American, because they can’t understand how we live. I come from the middle class. I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. You know, deciding whether, oh, am I going to pay my electric bill this paycheck or buy food. So I think that I make a very good representative for the people of West Virginia.”

Hear from Jones when he spoke to the editorial board at the Charleston Daily Mail.

Davy Jones is banking on his pro-gun, pro-energy, and pro-constitution platform to override the difficulties of running as a third party candidate.  He hopes the voters will give him a chance in Washington when they go to the polls in November.