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Kasich Visits W.Va. Touting Federal Balanced Budget Amendment


  Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich is urging West Virginia lawmakers to call for a constitutional convention to pass a federal balanced budget amendment.

At the Charleston statehouse Thursday, the potential 2016 presidential hopeful touted the movement.

Thirty-four states would need to pass resolutions to hold the convention.

To approve an amendment, 38 states would need to ratify it.

Opponents warn a convention could result in unrestrained attempts to change the Constitution.

In West Virginia, a resolution by Republican Sen. Robert Karnes calls for the convention to pass fiscal restraints, limits on federal government power and congressional term limits.

The resolution passed one committee Wednesday.

Another resolution by Sen. Ryan Ferns is limited to the convention and balanced budget amendment.

Kasich also spent Thursday in South Carolina, an early primary state.