Curtis Tate Published

Justice, State And Local Leaders Dedicate Green Power Bus Factory

Bus Justice.jpg

Gov. Jim Justice and state and local officials dedicated a plant in South Charleston that will make electric school buses.

A heavy rain Tuesday morning didn’t discourage the governor from taking one of the school buses, called the Beast, on a short test drive.

“They gave me the opportunity to drive this wonderful, wonderful bus,” he said. “And I wanted to take it for a spin and go around you all and go out there somewhere and turn back.”

Justice didn’t get to do that. But he did praise state and local leaders for bringing Green Power to West Virginia.

The company will assemble 40 to 50 school buses a month in South Charleston. Some of them will be purchased by school districts in the state.

Justice and other state leaders said companies like Green Power will help keep young people from moving away. And transport students to school safely, with zero emissions.