Curtis Tate Published

Justice Says $50 Million Contract Awarded For Corridor H Project


Gov. Jim Justice says a contract has been awarded for a major project on Corridor H.

The nearly $50 million contract involves grading and drainage work for a three-mile section of the highway in Tucker County.

The project will require moving 8 million cubic yards of dirt. For perspective, that’s about twice the volume of concrete in the Hoover Dam.

When completed, the road will provide a direct link to Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

“I’ve said over and over, Corridor H is one of, if not the most important highway that we need to finish in West Virginia,” Justice said in a statement Tuesday.

Corridor H is a top priority for state and local leaders. More than 120 miles of the highway is open to traffic, with about 30 miles to go.

It’s part of the 3,000-mile Appalachian Development Highway System, created in 1965 to improve access to the region.