Randy Yohe Published

Justice Continues 'On The Road' Campaign Against Amendment 2 In Beckley

Justice - Amendment 2 Campaign.jpg

Calling his state-traveling campaign a “community conversation” on his proposed personal income tax cut, Justice met with constituents at Beckley’s Word Park. He continued to publicly argue against the amendment that would give the legislature the authority to eliminate property taxes.

He again voiced his themes that cutting the business and inventory tax would cost $550 million and cripple the county government services that rely on that funding. He said amendment passage would give the legislature too much power over counties.

“What will happen to our schools? What will happen to our firemen and our policemen if this passes,” Justice questioned. “We will have to turn back to them and make cuts, and like it or not, we will.”

Justice said his proposed 10 percent income tax cut will bring new workers in, not help out-of-state corporations.

“If business after business are coming to West Virginia already, and they are, we need population growth here,” Justice said. “The very best way under the sun to have population growth is cutting the personal income tax.”

On the pro-Amendment 2 side, the most vocal proponent, Senate President Craig Blair, R-Berkeley, has touted the fact that Berkeley County is one of the few endorsing the amendment.

Justice has announced that he will have a community conversation on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. outside the Kanawha County Courthouse in Charleston.