Chris Schulz Published

Justice Comments on State Takeover Of County Schools

A large, empty classroom.

Gov. Jim Justice made a brief comment on the state takeover of Logan County schools during his COVID-19 briefing Friday.

With none of his usual advisors on the call, Justice was alone for his Friday COVID-19 briefing, and he took the opportunity to comment on two of the constitutional amendments on the ballot of the Nov. 8 election.

Justice has been touring the state in opposition to Amendment 2.

In response to a question about the takeover of Logan County Schools by the state Board of Education, Justice conceded that Amendment 4 could allow the legislature to reverse such actions.

“If Amendment four passes and everything, the legislature is going to have oversight, maybe could prevent this from happening or overturn whatever it may be,” Justice said. “That’s surely a concern also.”

Justice expressed concern at the situation in Logan County and said work would continue to get to the bottom of it.