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Jim Justice: Expect to See Improvements in 10 Months

Jim Justice Victory Speech

Democratic Gov.-elect Jim Justice says West Virginians can expect to see some noticeable enhancements to the state’s sluggish economy in his first 10 months in office.

The billionaire businessman and owner of The Greenbrier resort defeated Republican Bill Cole in Tuesday’s election.

Justice said Thursday he doesn’t have “a magic wand” for running the state. He tries to run his business dealings on a 10-month schedule, and he says residents should expect by late 2017 to see “real live significant improvements.”

Justice says state revenues need to grow significantly, and he hopes to accomplish that across several economic sectors, including agriculture, tourism and the energy industry.

First, Justice needs to get a transition team in place. He’s putting that together with consultation from ex-state Democratic Party chairman Larry Puccio.