Dave Mistich Published

IRS Releases $1.4 Million In Tax Liens Tied To Gov. Justice-Owned Greenbrier Resort

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The Greenbrier Hotel Corp. has paid off more than $1.4 million in federal tax debts, according to documents filed by the Internal Revenue Service.

The payments indicate one step toward resolving a wide web of debts attached to the Republican governor and his family-owned companies.

IRS documents filed Monday with the Greenbrier County Clerk’s Office show the release of two liens, one in the amount of $395,722 and another $1,076,983.23.

The documents indicate the IRS processed the payments July 28 in Detroit, Mich. The IRS issued the liens in March.

Another $8 million-plus lien issued by the IRS targets Justice’s daughter, Jill Justice Long. According to documents filed with the Greenbrier County Clerk in July, $131,006.23 of the debt has been paid.

Justice’s companies have also drawn attention for $700 million in unpaid loans to Greensill Capital — a lending company that filed for bankruptcy after selling the Justice companies’ obligations to Credit Suisse — and an additional $300 million in unpaid loans from Virginia-based Carter Bank.

Litigation is ongoing regarding the debts, although WVMetroNews reported in late July that Bluestone Resources issued a statement indicating cooperation between the company and Credit Suisse.

Asked about the debts last month during a news conference on West Virginia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Justice assured residents he and his family were making good on settling the debts.

“From the standpoint of legality and everything else, you can continue to run down ratholes and try to come up with stuff here and there, but at the end of the day I hope and pray, at least, that you’ll report the final outcomes,” he said.