Inside Appalachia, One of 2014's Biggest Shows


This week we revisit an Inside Appalachia episode from 2014 packed with so much information we felt it’s worth sharing again.

We go back into the archives for the November 15, 2014 show. It includes an interview with Gary Quarles, who lost his son Gary Wayne Quarles, in the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster in 2010. He spoke with host Jessica Lilly about Don Blankenship’s indictment before federal Judge Irene Berger ordered a gag order against speaking with the media and more.

A seemingly fitting show since on this same day, nine years ago, loved one gathered in West Virginia as they waited to hear if their loved ones survived a mine disaster. In the end, they found 12 coal miners died.

Once considered untouchable, former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship was indicted on four federal charges in connection with the Upper Big Branch Disaster that killed 29 men in 2010. It’s news that folks in the coalfields never thought would happen.

In this episode, we’ll hear a special investigative series of reports about outlaw coal mining companies that keep operating despite injuries, violations and millions in fines.

And a new lawsuit has just been filed on behalf of the 78 coal miners who died in the Farmington Mine Disaster. We’ll hear memories from Sarah Kasnoski, one of the widows who lost her husband on that fateful date, November 20, 1968.

Music in this episode of Inside Appalachia was provided by Andy Agnew Jr., the late Hazel Dickens, who wrote and performed “Mannington Mine Disaster”, from the album Harlan County, USA, Songs of the Coal Miner’s Struggle, Alan Cathead Johnston and Stacy Grubb, with “Montcoal West Virginia”, and Kathryn Claire, who performed “Miner’s Lullaby” from her album Shimmering Blue. “Miner’s Lullaby” was written by James Low.

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