Innovation in the Classroom


Is there a process for innovation? In the following “Innovation 101” lesson plan from The Henry Ford’s curricula, your class hears from some of America’s most iconic innovators and learn how they spark innovation in the workplace and beyond.

Students will gather insights from Steve Wozniak, inventor and co-founder of Apple, as he explains how he discerns innovative thinkers and engineers on campus and supports their creative thinking. “Inside, they want to be an inventor and designer, and they are often very independent. They are harder to manage,” he says. “Give them a lot of freedom. Let them build devices for their home on their own. Give them some of the parts. . . and let them build what they think of.”

They’ll also hear from architects William McDonough and Toshiko Mori, as well as product designer Don Chadwick while learning more about the difference between invention, innovation and discovery. Use this lesson plan to help your class of prospective innovators build important 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and self-directed learning! GO: