Huntington Unveiling WiFi in Selected Area


The City of Huntington is making progress in its efforts to roll out free wireless internet to the public.

Huntington’s WiFI initiative is part of a one-year pilot project with WVNET. The WiFi is only available at Pullman Square for now, a downtown shopping area according to Huntington Mayor Steve Williams. The public can access the network by checking their WiFi settings and clicking on the “Welcome to Huntington” network.

The network is limited to the shopping center as the city and WVNET wanted to test the signal strength and connection from the antenna placed on top of the Visual Arts Center to the main antenna on top of Drinko Library at Marshall.

If the initial test works, WiFi will be rolled out to the rest of the downtown area next year. The public WiFi uses free white space not being used by broadcast television in the area.