Huntington Police Chief Resigns


Huntington Police Chief Skip Holbrook announced his resignation this morning. 

Holbrook will take over the same position in Columbia, South Carolina, a city with a population over 130,000. Holbrook said he sees many similarities between the two jobs.

It starts at the top and the common similarity I saw here is they have tremendous officers, they have a tremendous management staff that were stymied or handcuffed and were not allowed or had the capacity to move the department in a certain direction,” Holbrook said.

Since taking over in 2007 Skip Holbrook has revitalized the Huntington Police Department and helped clean up neighborhoods and put a dent in the fight against drugs in the area. Holbrook leaves a department with a $12 million budget and will take over a department with 460 employees and a budget at nearly 32 million. Holbrook’s departure is effective April 7th. Huntington officials will form a committee to begin the search for Holbrook’s replacement.