Huntington Mayor Speaks with Students


Huntington Mayor Steve Williams took some time out of his schedule last week to pay a visit to Marshall University students and professors.

Since his election in 2012, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams has made a conscious effort to be out in the community. Last week marked the beginning of a second year of “Coffee with the Mayor.”  This is a once a month visit Williams makes to the Marshall University Memorial Student Center – his effort to hear the concerns of students and faculty.  

Monica Winkfield is a Marshall student who stopped in last week. She said she was skeptical at first.

“When I first heard he was coming I was like “yay this is going to be awesome right, what a publicity stunt.” But the fact that he took the time to listen and to share ideas and to say hey let me talk to you a little bit after this, makes me feel like there is some merit and some promise in what he’s saying,” Winkfield said.

Mayor Williams said their questions don’t go unheard, he says he makes an effort to take on-going concerns and do something about them.

“Safety has definitely been a concern by students and faculty and staff. In the evenings it’s awfully dark around campus and so we’ve just entered into an agreement that starts this week where we are upgraded the lightning all around campus down 5th avenue and 3rd avenue,” Williams said.

The agreement between the city, Marshall University and Appalachian Power will improve the visibility around the area, William’s hopes making students and staff feel safer.

He said it’s vitally important to make an effort to be on campus and know what’s going on when Marshall is one of Huntington’s main entities.

The sessions are sponsored by the Student Government Association. Jordan Wooldridge is the SGA Chief of Staff. He said making sure the campus is a safe haven will continue to be a concern for students.

“Some things I would like to see on campus maybe more safety features we can look at, because it’s always increasing in today’s society and unfortunately that’s something we have to deal with,” Wooldridge said.

The next “Coffee with the Mayor” session is scheduled March 6.