Hundreds Of Families Still Displaced After 2016 Flood, State Lawmakers Update On Legislative Efforts


RISE is the state-run and federally funded Flood Recovery Program. The state received $150 million to assist low-income residents needing repair or replacement of their homes following the flood of June 2016. Today, hundreds are still displaced.

We bring you the latest on this program and a discussion with state lawmakers who sit on the Joint Committee on Flooding.

Host Suzanne Higgins is joined by senior reporter Dave Mistich to share the latest news from the West Virginia Legislature, including an update on a bill that would create an Intermediate Court of Appeals in West Virginia. SB 275 passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday afternoon.

RISE is the state’s federally funded flood recovery program. Its charge is to rebuild or replace the homes of displaced 2016 flood victims. But it’s been a painfully slow process for those impacted. Reporter Emily Allen visited Greenbrier County where she met one of hundreds of West Virginians still displaced. 

Allen is also joined on-set by three members of the Joint Committee on Flooding; Sen. Steven Baldwin, D-Greenbrier, Sen. Glenn Jeffries, D-Putnam, and Del. Dean Jeffries, R-Kanawha for a discussion on flood recovery efforts since 2016.