Humphrey-Kennedy Debate Featured at W.Va. Wesleyan College


The West Virginia Humanities Council will host a special event at West Virginia Wesleyan tonight showcasing the 1960 West Virginia presidential primary between John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey.  This was only the second time in American history that a debate involving presidential politics was televised.

The debate was part of a three-week campaign that Kennedy waged in West Virginia during the spring of 1960.  He acknowledged that the primary victory secured his presidential nomination, and many historians agree, citing this debate as one of the most important presidential primaries in history.

The debate tape was stored in Kennedy’s library, but it was not in good condition.  Dr. Robert Rupp, professor of history and political science, secured a grant from the West Virginia Humanities Council and additional funding to restore the historic tape.  Dr. Rupp will also give commentary on the importance of this debate and what viewers should look for in the presidential debates in race for the 2016 nominations.

The Kennedy-Humphries debate program begins at 7:00 on West Virginia Wesleyan’s campus.