How Should the Bible Be Taught in Public Schools?


The Christian Bible is the spiritual and cultural foundation for many of us in Appalachia – but should it be taught in public schools?

The parents of a West Virginia kindergarten student are suing to stop the teaching of the Christian Bible at her elementary school. On this week’s Front Porch podcast, we discuss the role of the Bible in Appalachian society and schools.

“This program advances and endorses one religion, improperly entangles public schools in religious affairs, and violates the personal consciences of nonreligious and non-Christian parents and students,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit alleged one lesson talked about humans and dinosaurs living together at the same time.

“So picture Adam being able to crawl up on the back of a dinosaur! He and Eve could have their own personal water slide! Wouldn’t that be so wild!”

Also, Vice President Mike Pence apparently has a rule preventing him from dining alone with other women. Is this an equal rights issue – or just a couple trying to preserve their marriage.

Host Rick Wilson believes that religion is strong in America because we keep it out of public schools.

Co-host Laurie Lin says religion deserves a prominent place in public life – but not in a class for such young students.

Also, Wilson explains the meaning of the phrase: “Hold yer tater!”

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