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How Do You Keep Your Bones Healthy? – The Doctors are Back to Explain

Doctors on Call

Watch Tuesday, March 10 at 8 p.m. on WVPB 

On this episode of Doctors on Call, WVU Medicine doctors discuss orthopedic issues and take a deeper look into osteoporosis, diabetes, eye exams and more.

During the DOC Talk segment, you can call in with your questions for the WVU Medicine orthopedic surgeons about back and spine problems.

The show will also include these topics:

DOC in the Kitchen | Need calcium but can’t have dairy? Get creative with alternative calcium sources.

It’s No Big Deal! | Find out how easy and important it is to get your annual bone density scan for osteoporosis.

DOC Demo | Learn how to identify an overdose and administer the life-saving opioid antidote naloxone.

DOC List | Running is great exercise, but it can be hard on your joints. Get tips from the experts!

Feature | Meet little Jensen Kinsey, budding comedian, who spent the first year of his life in intensive care but refused to let go of his brand new life.

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