How Can We Get People with Disabilities Back to Work?


In West Virginia, a growing number of working-age adults are qualifying for federal disability benefits. But once they’re receiving an SSI or SSDI check, they rarely return to work.

And that’s leading to growing resentment across Appalachia of some people with disabilities.

Helping disabled people overcome barriers to work isn’t easy. But the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) does it every day.

Here in West Virginia, for every $1 we spend helping a person with disability find work, we get $1.81 after one year, and over $5 return on investment after three years.

But because of a lack of funding, there’s a 400-person waiting list for DRS services.

On this episode of The Front Porch, we hear from DRS Director Marijane Waldron. She explains what works, and some of the barriers that keep people with disabilities from finding work.

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