How An ATV Trail Is Changing The Way Some Communities See Themselves


On this West Virginia Morning, Inside Appalachia takes a ride along the Hatfield and McCoy ATV trail this weekend. It’s an extensive trail system built out in a place where the job market has been hit hard by downturns in the coal industry. It’s one way the region is pumping new life into the economy, using a familiar family feud name, and ATVs, to draw people to the region. The Hatfield & McCoy ATV Trail system has been up and running in southern West Virginia since the early 2000’s. Emily Allen reports.

Also on today’s show, this week’s episode of Mountain Stage is titled The Class of ’89, featuring notable performances from that landmark year in the show’s history.

Our Song of the Week is by the Father of Bluegrass Music himself, Bill Monroe. We hear him playing the classic “Uncle Pen,” recorded in May 1989, in Charleston, West Virginia. 

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