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Households Can Now Apply For Home Heating Assistance

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Applications for the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program are open through the end of January 2022 or until funds are exhausted. This is a federally funded program.

Assistance eligibility is based on income, household size and whether the household is responsible for paying its heating bill.

Households whose income exceeds the maximum amount are not eligible, but some types of income like Social Security and veterans benefits may be excluded from the calculation.

The maximum allowable gross income levels for LIEAP Fiscal Year 2022 are listed below:

Household Size Gross Monthly Income Limit
1 $2,005
2 $2,621
3 $3,238
4 $3,855
5 $4,472
6 $5,088
7 $5,204
8 $5,583
9 $6,150
10 $6,718

For each additional person, add $567. Households whose income exceeds the maximum amount are not eligible. However, some types of income may be excluded for LIEAP.

To qualify, households must meet all program guidelines, which include an applicant’s annual income being at or below 60 percent of the state median income. In situations where a heating emergency exists, applicants must contact a DHHR worker for case evaluation.

Applications are available online at and may also be obtained at local DHHR offices, Community Action agencies, or senior centers operated by an Area Agency on Aging.

Completed applications should be delivered or mailed to the DHHR office located in the applicant’s county of residence. A list of local offices may be found here, or by calling 304-352-4431.

Mailing the application to any other office or to a utility company may delay the receipt by DHHR and prohibit processing the application.