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Homeland Security Analyst Says He Forgot He Had Pistol

A Department of Homeland Security analyst says he forgot he had a pistol in his pocket when he brought it into his agency’s Washington headquarters.

Jonathan Wienke House

Credit David Dishneau / Associated Press

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A federal court filing by Jonathan Wienke says that in June, a random search of his backpack resulted in authorities confiscating his handcuffs, pocket knife and pepper spray. Wienke was also carrying walkie talkies and an infrared camera, which he placed in a locker. The filing says authorities found the gun while searching him at his workspace.

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Wienke contends that authorities subsequently illegally searched his Martinsburg home.

Previous court filings say ingredients for explosives and gun silencers were found at the home.

Wienke has pleaded not guilty to illegal firearms-related charges.

In July, the department’s chief security officer told a congressional subcommittee there’s “no indication” Wienke planned workplace violence.