Ashton Marra Published

Historic Wins and a Party Switch Mean New Faces Will Lead W.Va. in Washington and at Home


The 2014 mid-term elections were significant not just for the national Republican Party, but for the state GOP as well. The party was able to gain control of all 4 Congressional seats on the ballot and flip both the West Virginia House and Senate. 

GOP Party Chairman Conrad Lucas says the major wins were a combination of having Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito at the top of the ticket for U.S. Senate and an overall trend of West Virginians swinging Republican that helped them win. Minority Leader Tim Armstead discusses if the Speakership is in his future.

Senator Daniel Hall of Wyoming County made the decision late Wednesday evening to leave the Democratic Party and give the Republicans the majority in the state Senate. Hall says the decision was one that will allow him to keep his district relevant when it comes to negotiations in the chamber. As to whether or not the GOP offered him anything for the switch, Hall says there were “discussions,” but no leadership position or committee chairmanship has been officially offered.

Congressman-elect Evan Jenkins discusses his upset and his transition into the House of Representatives.