Ashton Marra Published

Highways Report Expected One Year After Intial Release Date


The chairman of the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Highways says the group will release its final report in late September almost a year after its initially set release date.

Jason Pizatella tells the Charleston Gazette the report is undergoing proofreading and editing.

Gov. Tomblin created the Blue Ribbon Commission nearly two years ago with the goal of issuing recommendations on how to better fund the state’s roadways. Commission members approved their recommendations in September of 2013, but the final report was delayed.

Pizatella says the delay was because of multiple reasons, but conceded that one was because lawmakers didn’t want to vote on tax increasing during an election year. But legislative committees have asked for the final report to be available for legislative interim meetings next month.

He says the final report doesn’t make any changes from the recommendations finalized last year.

Commissioners said the state needs to nearly double its road fund budget, from one to at least 2 billion dollars a year to adequately build and maintain the state highway system.