Dave Mistich Published

Has Heroin Addiction Affected You or Someone You Know? Share Your Story


  Seemingly everyone in West Virginia has been affected by the heroin epidemic in the state. There are addicts themselves, family members struggling to find them help, the doctors, nurses and paramedics on the front lines trying to save lives and lawmakers and law enforcement officials trying to put a stop to it all–no one seems to be spared.

As we roll out our week-long series The Needle and the Damage Done: West Virginia’s Heroin Epidemic, we wanted to offer you the chance to share your story. 

If you or someone you know is facing the realities of heroin addiction, have them tell their story using text, photos, videos or a voice memo by using the hashtag #heroinwv on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Submit directly to our tumblr in the form below or email us at: heroin@wvpublic.org.