Eric Douglas Published

Gov. Justice Warns: Average Age Of Coronavirus Deaths Is Decreasing


Gov. Jim Justice began his regular COVID-19 briefing Tuesday by reading the ages and counties of those who have died since the beginning of the pandemic. He put emphasis on the ages of those in their 40s or below.

According to a new chart added to the Department of Health and Human Resources COVID Dashboard, the average age of those who have died has gone down.

In 2020, it was 77. Aside from a one month increase in July of this year, it has continued to fall. This month, the average age is 67.

“People who are younger are dying,” Justice said. “People are dying with this dreaded disease. You’ve got to get your booster shot.”

To access the chart, viewers must access the website, visit Other Trends and then select Case and Lab Trends. The chart is linked off of a Yellow Bar on that page.

As of Tuesday morning, 50.9 percent of West Virginians are fully vaccinated. Statewide 4,316 people have died from COVID-19. Of those, 236 were fully vaccinated.